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Cookie Policy 

This portal, like most portals on the Internet, uses cookies to enhance the user experience. Below, you will find information about what cookies are, what types of cookies this portal uses, how you can disable cookies in your browser, and how to specifically disable the installation of third-party cookies. 

What is a cookie? 

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. A cookie is not a program and cannot contain harmful malware or viruses. 

How does this website use cookies? 

Some cookies perform essential functions on the website. Cookies also help us understand why you visit our website, allowing us to constantly optimize and tailor it to your specific needs and interests. Cookies store data, such as items added to the shopping cart, whether you have visited the website in the past, whether you have logged in, as well as the language and currency you prefer to view on the website. We also use cookies to specifically deliver our ads to you on other websites. In general, we use cookies as part of our service to show you content that is relevant to you.

Additionally, please note that Google may process your personal data for other purposes. You can find more information about Google's privacy policies at https://policies.google.com/technologies/cookies

Types of Cookies 

Necessary and Functional 

Strictly necessary cookies contribute to the basic functioning of a website by activating essential features such as page navigation and access to secure areas of the website. Without these cookies, the site could not function properly. 

Analytics and Customization 

Functional cookies enable the storage of information that changes how the site appears or behaves, such as preferred language or region. 

Marketing and Advertising 

These cookies store information about the user's personal preferences and choices through continuous observation of their browsing habits. Thanks to them, we can understand browsing habits on the website and display relevant content. 

Managed by the Entity 


These are collected by the publisher themselves to provide the service requested by the user. 


These are collected and managed by a third party; they cannot be considered first-party. 

Based on the Duration of Activation 


They collect data while the user browses the web to provide the requested service. 


They are stored on the device, and the information obtained will be used by the cookie's controller to provide the requested service. 


These are necessary for proper web navigation. 

Customization Cookies 

Allow users to set features (language) for website navigation. 

How long are cookies stored? 

The duration a cookie remains stored on different devices and browsers varies. The duration is calculated based on the last visit to the website. When the duration of a cookie expires, it is automatically deleted. The duration of all our cookies is specified in our Cookie Policy. 

How to reject or delete cookies? 

You can reject all cookies or third-party cookies at any time by modifying your computer, tablet, or smartphone browser settings. The location of the settings will depend on the browser you use. However, keep in mind that if you reject all cookies or third-party cookies, you may not be able to use some functions and services of the website (as they depend on cookies).
You can block Google Analytics cookies here.. 

How to delete cookies? 

Deleting previously accepted cookies is straightforward. The deletion process depends on the browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) and the device used (smartphone, tablet, PC, Mac). 
Typically, it is found in the settings ("Privacy and Security"), although it may differ from one browser to another. Specify the device/browser you are using (click on the corresponding link): 

Change Consent 

To change consent, follow these steps: 

  1. Locate the lock or information icon: In the address bar, look for an icon that usually looks like a lock or an information icon (it may vary depending on the browser).
  2. Click on the icon: Click on the lock or information icon. This will open a dropdown menu.
  3. Select "Cookies" or "Site Settings": In the dropdown menu, look for the option related to "Cookies" or "Site Settings." It may have slightly different names depending on the browser.
  4. Access cookie settings: Once you have selected the cookies or site settings option, you will be able to view and manage specific cookies associated with the website.
  5. Delete cookies: Look for the option to delete or manage cookies. There may be a button that says "Delete cookies" or "Delete site data" or something similar.
  6. Confirm deletion: After selecting the option to delete cookies, you may be asked to confirm the action. Confirm to complete the process.

Remember: If you use more than one browser, you must delete cookies from each of them. 

Have any questions? 

If you have any comments or questions related to our information or the processing of your personal data, feel free to contact us (info@shbarcelona.com). 


Nous utilisons nos propres cookies et ceux de tiers pour faire fonctionner de manière sécurisée notre site web et personnaliser son contenu. De même, nous utilisons des cookies pour mesurer et obtenir des données de la navigation que vous effectuez et pour ajuster la publicité à vos goûts et préférences. Cliquez sur le bouton "Accepter tout" pour confirmer que vous avez lu et accepté les informations affichées. Pour gérer ou désactiver ces cookies, cliquez sur "Paramètres des cookies". Vous pouvez obtenir plus d'informations dans notre Politique de cookies.
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